Effects & Title Plate Portfolio

We here at the Elmwood Forest have a bit of a hobby and knack for making creative, visually stunning title plates. Whether you already have a video and are in need of an added piece of flair to top it off, are considering working with us but need to see just a little bit more to close the deal, or you just want to say "wow" one more time today, you'll find this page will oblige you. 


Aztech Wheel Light 

1 of 3 versions of the intro to the software reveal video of the "Aztech Wheel". 

Auxio ( Samurai version) 

An excellent audio production company that EFP worked with in the past called "Auxio" recently wanted a title plate for their website, this is the first contender. 

Aztech Wheel Dark

#2 of 3 versions of the intro to the software reveal video of the "Aztech Wheel" 

Aztech Wheel Sandstone

#3 of 3 animated intros for the reveal video for the software "Aztech Wheel". This one won the client's vote.

The Great Divide

Animated web-promo commissioned by the auto-trader website "Thalist.com" describing just how unique their process is.  

A question of time

A second animated web-promo commissioned by "Thalist.com" describing how their process differs from that of other sites.

The Great Divide (Dealer tree v2) 

This tree was dropped on the cutting room floor by our editing team after a slightly different format was decided.  Still, we're proud of it.

Auxio (Retro version) 

The second incarnation of the Auxio logo. We went retro with it. 

Thalist.com Quick Intro

Thalist.com commissioned us to craft a series of title plates that could be added to longer and shorter videos where appropriate, this was a collection of our versions. 

Isa Adney Outro Title

The speaker and author Isa Adney commissioned EFP to produce a speaking portfolio video, this was the outro title.

A promise to believe

This inspirational montage of titles was our first foray into the kinetic typography genre.  

Historia Venator Animated Map

A map animation which was put into a kickstarter video for the documentary "Historia Venator". 

GAIN intro

The splash-screen for the website for the GAIN organization. "Greentech Action Incentive Network"

Blue Flame

Just a little experiment in after effects. Blue flame is hotter, right? 

Zombie Cells

What do zombie cells look like? We wanted to find out but we couldn't find a zombie, so we made this in after effects. 

Thalist.com Weld intro

A very old intro plate for Thalist.com. Our teams first attempt at particle animation. We were impressed, are you?