Wekiva Island

Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Last week marked an excellent week of exposure for Elmwood Forest Productions!

Wonderful Carbon-Neutral Wekiva Island

Wonderful Carbon-Neutral Wekiva Island

Our long-term client, The First Green Bank of Florida, is a member of the Global alliance for banking on Values, which is a membership based coalition of banks that share humanitarian or sustainable banking values.

The GABV's annual summit in March of 2014 will feature work from our company! 

Not only that, but the bank was so impressed with the footage taken, they commissioned a fully produced mini-feature to be composed from the clips. 


The video features three of the most unique sustainable companies that have been helped by the bank. One, a 4th generation Organic Blueberry farmer, the second, a gluten-free Organic Bakery, and the third, a carbon-neutral riverside bar/grill/community enrichment center.

Want to see the video in all its glory? 

Take a gander at our "Green Commercial" section, it'll be right at the top!

Or go to https://vimeo.com/81204959 to watch it at the source!