wedding videography lake county

Welcome Jonathan!

We'll be looking forward to seeing his skills in action at the many two-camera events we have lined up for later on this year. Go 2016!

We're incredibly excited to welcome the newest member of the EFP team; Jonathan Brickman! He's worked with us on a few projects now and we've been so impressed with the quality of his work that we decided to bring him on as a permanent contractor!

His main focus will be bringing a cinematic touch to the videos we produce. His eye for framing and scene composition has proven absolutely invaluable in the two weddings we've done (example: that wonderful shot of Jamie and Travis below), and in several other event and documentary interview videos we've produced.

Brittany and Erik

Our first foire into weddings was a complete success! We were commissioned by Brittany and Erik Jensen to capture their special day and we couldn't have been happier! The Delamater House was an absolutely gorgeous venue and we couldn't take a shot from an angle that didn't completely shine through our lens. 

We have another wedding booked in November over at Skyline Ranch and we're just as excited for that! We'll keep you posted. 



We're proud to announce that our company is now producing wedding videos! And we want to film yours so much, we made a discount just for you!

While photography has long been an established tradition to most weddings, video has taken a while to find its place in the wedding industry. When we first started, we had been commissioned to film multiple weddings with the instructions to film them start-to-finish and get a few words from the family on camera at the reception following. 

While this format still exists, we found it didn't offer much in terms of capturing the beauty of our clients' weddings and diminished their watchability due to their length. 

Times have changed in recent years and, with them, people's expectations of what a what a wedding video can be. Some of the most beautiful videos we've seen have been 8-10 minute wedding videos that capture not only the highlights of the ceremony, but the reception, and the preparation the partners go through behind the scenes. Montages of touching moments woven together to custom-composed music to match the perfection of the setting has become the standard of excellence in the wedding video industry, and we're dying to exceed that standard.

Take a gander at our portfolios if you'd like to see what we can do with heartwarming events. We like to think we'll impress you. 

We happen to have two weddings already scheduled this year and we couldn't be more excited! Someday soon, we'll be posting more of our new impressions on the wedding video genre, so stay tuned!