We pride ourself on our knowledge and experience with production of promotional materials for eco-friendly companies. Whether you are a business that deals specifically in the green industry, or you just added solar panels to reduce your carbon footprint, Elmwood Forest Productions knows just how to magnify and exemplify your green initiatives.

The First Green Bank Story - First Green Bank

The story of how the First Green Bank of Florida first came to be and how it became the first LEED Platinum bank in the state of Florida. The documentary not only chronicles its construction, but also details its daily operation, and describes how being LEED certified gives back to the community and the environment. 

Want to see more of the First Green Bank? Additional samples of our work for them can also be found in our "Event Videography" section! 


First Green Bank Preview - First Green Bank

When a longer production has been commissioned, clients have the option to request previews of what the finished product will look like. This is a way to quality check while also being able to garner outside interest in the project. 

Virtual Groundbreaking - First Green Bank

The "Virtual Groundbreaking" video for those interested in seeing what the groundbreaking ceremony was like for the new branch of the First Green Bank. 

G.A.I.N Title Plate - G.A.I.N

The title plate for a video to be completed in early 2014 for the Greentech Action Incentive Network.

This shows off a little bit of the animation team's 3D-mapping skills. We're proud to have them on board!