Regardless of what musical genre you or your client specializes in, the power and value of a music video to boost exposure and magnify talent cannot be overlooked or underestimated. We at Elmwood Forest pride ourselves in being able to capture an artist's musical passion and seamlessly transform it into a visual masterpiece.  

The Lonely City - Afeefa & the Boy

The music video for the wonderful alternative folk band Afeefa and the Boy's "The Lonely City" off of their album "The Old Man and the Sea". 

This is a prime example of our live-session/full-production music video style. Perfect for any genre you specialize in. 

Fly With Me - 352 South Records

352 South was so impressed with our work on "You're the one" that they upped the ante in commissioning a full-crew produced video with "Fly With Me".  

The "Fly with me" video is now on Vevo and is in the running for Grammy consideration.

Just Friends - Mitch Parkinson

The second in a 2-part series of live session videos commissioned by singer/songwriter Mitch Parkinson. 

These showcase the live-session recording skills of our camera-people here at the Elmwood Forest. 

You're the One - 352 South Records

One of the first music videos ever produced by the Elmwood Forest, this  production, which accompanied the release of "You're the One" by MLN off of his "Fly With Me" album, was instrumental in his acceptance to the Recording Academy. 

Loaded Tongue - Mitch Parkinson

Singer/Songwriter Mitch Parkinson came set up his gear at a local orange grove for a live session and recorded two songs. The first of them was his original "Loaded Tongue". 

This shoot marks the first live-session music video shoot for us here at the Elmwood Forest.


In a recent trip to Manhattan, we happened upon a Jazz and Classical violinist playing in the subway station. He asked that we not use his name, since the university he was attending doesn't particularly look kindly on the idea of the "subway musician" . He is one of the most talented artists we've ever had the honor of filming.