We are honored to offer our services at a significantly (if not completely) discounted rate to non-profits. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the oldest and most passionate non-profits in the nation. If you are a registered 501-3C (or pending status) non-profit organization, we would be happy and grateful to work with you!


The One in Four - Florida's Vision Quest

In preparation for Toyota's "100 cars for a good program" charity event, this video was produced to showcase how many kids are effected by impeded eyesight, as well as how many kids are helped by Florida's Vision Quest's entirely free eye care services. 

Imagine - Florida's Vision Quest

This 30-second video was optimized for tablets and mobile phones in order to meet the requirements of the Chase Community Giving Facebook competition. 

Florida's Vision Quest is a 20 year old non-profit, the goal of which, is to provide free eye-care and prescription glasses to underprivileged school-children in Florida.

E3: Eagle Eyes on the Environment - National Audubon Society

This video was commissioned by the Audubon Society as a fundraising and educational video for the visitors to their birds of prey center in Maitland, FL. 

Eagle eyes on the environment, or "E3" is an exciting new program presented by Audubon Center for Birds of Prey in Maitland and Disney, to help bring the world of the Raptor closer to center guests, students, and viewers on the web.