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Ephraim McCormick - Founder/CEO


After graduating the University of Central Florida with two Bachelors of Arts degrees, Ephraim McCormick immediately sought to carve a name for himself in the Media industry. 

He started Elmwood Forest Productions in 2008 and gained enough revenue for incorporation by 2009. With the encouragement and support of his family and local community he made growing the company his main goal and made Elmwood Forest into what it is today; a fast-growing, nimble, professional, media company, able to take on and fulfill the production needs of any type of client, small-budget or large. If it needs a camera, he's the one to call. 


                          HEATHER FALCON - KEY GRIP/CAMERA TECH

Currently attending the University of Central Florida, Heather is diligent, hardworking, and quick on her feet. She's her best under pressure and manages to pull the rest of the crew together whenever a challenge presents itself. She has several years of experience as a key grip and second camera-op, and we're glad to have her on our team. If your project requires a skilled sound tech or two cameras, she'll be there bright and early (unless you need to shoot at night). 

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           Jonathan Brickman - Camera Tech/Cinematographer

Jonathan's artistic eye and steady camera hand have captured some of our most breathtaking shots to date. He's most adept at finding that perfect angle to capture both the style and emotion of any scene he's tasked with shooting, be it a gorgeous sunset wedding or a moving interview. For this reason, we always pair Jonathan with our Digital Cinema Camera during any shoot where his skills are needed. He's also particularly adept, we've found, at getting people to smile and wave at the camera! So if you have an event that needs a video with those fun, jovial shots, we've got you covered.