Our commercial work comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you have a small business with a small budget in need of a small promo or a larger company in need of a TV-ready commercial with all the bells and whistles, we’re happy to be your one-stop professional production shop! If you get in touch, ask about our Small Business Special!


The Great Divide -

Animated web-promo commissioned by the auto-trader website "" describing just how unique their process is.  

Many sites will choose an animated presentation as it helps an audience take in a great deal of information in a bite-sized amount of time.  

A Question of Time -

A second animated web-promo commissioned by "" describing how their process differs from that of other sites. was so impressed with EFP's work that we are proud to say we have added them on as a long-term contract client! 

Miracle Toyota - Schmid Construction

A light preview of the first minute of promo video chronicling the construction of a new LEED certified toyota Dealership in Haines City FL by Schmid Construction. Video is not final and elements in it are to be considered only samples and placeholders until more detailed footage can be gathered. 

Miss America VIII - Mecum Auctions

Promotional video for the "Miss America 8", commissioned by Mecum Auctions for their upcoming auction of the boat. The video showcases not only the history of the boat, and how it won two Harmsworth Trophies, but also the significance of its sale along with its original Miller prototype V16s. Audio by Auxio Inc.