Welcome Jonathan!

We'll be looking forward to seeing his skills in action at the many two-camera events we have lined up for later on this year. Go 2016!

We're incredibly excited to welcome the newest member of the EFP team; Jonathan Brickman! He's worked with us on a few projects now and we've been so impressed with the quality of his work that we decided to bring him on as a permanent contractor!

His main focus will be bringing a cinematic touch to the videos we produce. His eye for framing and scene composition has proven absolutely invaluable in the two weddings we've done (example: that wonderful shot of Jamie and Travis below), and in several other event and documentary interview videos we've produced.

Brittany and Erik

Our first foire into weddings was a complete success! We were commissioned by Brittany and Erik Jensen to capture their special day and we couldn't have been happier! The Delamater House was an absolutely gorgeous venue and we couldn't take a shot from an angle that didn't completely shine through our lens. 

We have another wedding booked in November over at Skyline Ranch and we're just as excited for that! We'll keep you posted. 



We're proud to announce that our company is now producing wedding videos! And we want to film yours so much, we made a discount just for you!

While photography has long been an established tradition to most weddings, video has taken a while to find its place in the wedding industry. When we first started, we had been commissioned to film multiple weddings with the instructions to film them start-to-finish and get a few words from the family on camera at the reception following. 

While this format still exists, we found it didn't offer much in terms of capturing the beauty of our clients' weddings and diminished their watchability due to their length. 

Times have changed in recent years and, with them, people's expectations of what a what a wedding video can be. Some of the most beautiful videos we've seen have been 8-10 minute wedding videos that capture not only the highlights of the ceremony, but the reception, and the preparation the partners go through behind the scenes. Montages of touching moments woven together to custom-composed music to match the perfection of the setting has become the standard of excellence in the wedding video industry, and we're dying to exceed that standard.

Take a gander at our portfolios if you'd like to see what we can do with heartwarming events. We like to think we'll impress you. 

We happen to have two weddings already scheduled this year and we couldn't be more excited! Someday soon, we'll be posting more of our new impressions on the wedding video genre, so stay tuned!

MLN- Live @ Stonewall

We recently took a trip down to South Florida to document the iconic Stonewall Pride Fest in Wilton Manors. It was the most fun we've had on a shoot to date, and the majority of that fun was being able to go behind the scenes of the concert on the main stage.

352 South Records was one of the organizations putting the show on, and their own rising R&B star MLN was opening for Sheila E!

We had a few cameras at the event, covering all the aspects of the show from as many angles as possible. This came in handy for MLN's performance of his new single "Satisfaction", which, we don't mind saying, has the great potential to be a hit if given the right exposure.

Don't take out work for it, though, take a look at the performance video yourself! Its worth the 4 minutes. Trust us.  


Dancing with the South Florida Stars 2014

The rather schnazzy animated graphic our design team came up with for the intro to the video.

We were recently very happy to have been shipped down to Ft. Lauderdale to film the 4th annual "Dancing with the South Florida Stars" charity event at The Manor. Wilton Manors is home to a wonderful LGBT community and the event was a testament to just how much caring and support they give when a cause is just. 

The event, the video for which can be seen at the top of our Event Page, had all proceeds, including those of a not-so-silent auction, go towards the Brian Neal Fitness & Health Foundation.

We were so happy to have been given the opportunity to donate our talents to the event, and, given the reception of the video, we're excited to see what new production possibilities are in store for us down in South Florida! 

PUSH-Party of the Year

Macy's South Beach

Macy's South Beach

Push Enterprises' "Party of the Year" charity event was a complete success! A great crowd, awesome sponsor exposure, and a great location at the Macy's in South Beach. 

MLN rocking Armani

MLN rocking Armani

We flew down early, to get the lay of the land and also take advantage of the great locale for a photoshoot. As always, MLN rocked the house, and we have the whole thing on video for you to enjoy.

Macy's was gracious enough to shut down the whole top floor of their South Beach location to host the party. While there wasn't an actual red carpet, the stars definitely got red carpet treatment by the attendees. The reps from Tanduay Rum made a damn fine cocktail called a "Hurricane" and topped it off with some showmanship in the form of liquid nitrogen cooling. 

MLN being interviewed at the start of the Push Party of the Year

MLN being interviewed at the start of the Push Party of the Year

The Great Kitty Meow also made her return-to-fame debut, and put on an energizing show for the party goers. Rising Rap/Hip-Hop star Silhouette kept the vibe excited until the evening was topped off with the smooth crooning of MLN, who sang "I'm Movin' On" off of his new album "Fly with Me"

All in all, great night, good people, good fun, we can't wait to go back there to film the upcoming "Dancing with the South Florida Stars" this coming Monday. Stay tuned!

Twitter and Push!

We're there. 

We're there. 

EFP will be filming R&B artist MLN of 352 South Records, at the upcoming charity fundraising event Push Party of the Year in Miami!

In association with sponsors Macys, Sapporo, and Iceberg Vodka, the party will take place at the Macy's on South Beach. Check out the event page and RSVP for FREE  (and get a chance to be in the video) here! 

Be sure to follow us on facebook and our CEO on twitter for updates on when a video of the event will be uploaded!  Cheers!

Second Casting Call! MLN Music Video

A call to acting! (Banner Designed by EFP)

A call to acting! (Banner Designed by EFP)

Want to be in our next hit MTV/VH1 music video? Want to break into dancing, acting, or modeling, but need to add a crown jewel to your resume? You're in luck!  

EFP and 352 South Records are holding the second round of Casting Calls for the upcoming music video on Saturday, February 22nd  at 2:00 PM at Spotlight Dance Studio, 7751 Kingspointe pkwy, Suite 102, Orlando FL, 32819. Click Map for directions.

Click Here for the facebook event page or e-mail Elmwood Forest Productions through the "Contact Us" page for details on location and answers to any questions you may have. 

Actors and Dancers should provide head shots and resumes or descriptions of their experience in the RSVP e-mail.  Phone calls and text message correspondence (to number listed on contact us page or facebook page) are also accepted, though official RSVP is still necessary for audition. 


-Prepare a small 30-60 second routine (dancers)
-Be prepared to learn choreography
-Dress the part. This is showtime.





MLN Promo Art Sneak Peak!

We're so excited for the upcoming release of the new video for 352South Records' artist MLN, that we couldn't help but leak these promotional art stills. Which one is your favorite?

MLN Shoot Flyer BACK Really Red .jpg
MLN Shoot Flyer BACK.jpg
MLN Shoot Flyer BACK Red.jpg

Casting Call for MTV Music Video- Orlando

Casting Call for MTV Music Video- Orlando

Casting Call for an MTV/VH1 Dance/Music Video!  

Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Last week marked an excellent week of exposure for Elmwood Forest Productions!

Wonderful Carbon-Neutral Wekiva Island

Wonderful Carbon-Neutral Wekiva Island

Our long-term client, The First Green Bank of Florida, is a member of the Global alliance for banking on Values, which is a membership based coalition of banks that share humanitarian or sustainable banking values.

The GABV's annual summit in March of 2014 will feature work from our company! 

Not only that, but the bank was so impressed with the footage taken, they commissioned a fully produced mini-feature to be composed from the clips. 


The video features three of the most unique sustainable companies that have been helped by the bank. One, a 4th generation Organic Blueberry farmer, the second, a gluten-free Organic Bakery, and the third, a carbon-neutral riverside bar/grill/community enrichment center.

Want to see the video in all its glory? 

Take a gander at our "Green Commercial" section, it'll be right at the top!

Or go to https://vimeo.com/81204959 to watch it at the source!